Good News

Some of USPS' can-do spirit survives. This eccentrically addressed envelope found its intended recipient. [DH]

Still can't trade DNA online. [DH]

New field guide. [TN]

Read Tucker's piece for Good on the future of the USPS. [DH]

USPS Releasing A Menswear Fashion Line In Spring 2014. Should this go under good news or bad news? [TN]

We are pleased to announce that our first Stamp Grant has been issued to Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco. Thanks to everyone for buying prints so we can keep sending stamps to deserving organizations.

That bjork video (featuring a dancing mailbox!). [TN]

Innovative use of half table at my local post office, suggesting the USPS is no stranger to adapting to austerity measures. [TN]

I thought these triangle stamps seemed like a good idea. [TN]

The Post Office is trying. This week it announced a new same-dame delivery service called Metro Post. A test of the new service, a partnership with 10 internet-based retailers, began November 12 in San Francisco. More here. [DH]

Richard Scarry's "Nice Surprise" is a letter! Children can still fall in love with the mail. [DH]

As of Monday, October 29 at 2:10pm, the Post Office's "Letters to Santa" program has not been axed due to budgetary cutbacks. [DH]

First Lady Michelle Obama votes by mail. [TN]

"Video: Chicago postcard delivered over 50 years late." Nuccio DiNuzzo/Chicago Tribune. 2012. Streaming video. October 15, 2012. [TN]

Parker, Ashley. "Picking Letters, 10 a Day, That Reach Obama." New York Times Online. April 19, 2009. [TN]